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Wed Jan 12, 2022 11:23 am

Get a free VIN check with our service
Where to find the VIN code in Audi.
As a rule, the VIN in modern machines can be viewed in several places. There is a master code that is well protected from forgery or substitution. It is duplicated by signs placed in more convenient places for reading.
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The main Audi VIN number is applied in smooth and clear characters with a solid needle in the engine compartment, on the right cup of the front suspension. On some models, a protective transparent film is glued over the VIN number. Although its absence is not considered an unambiguous sign of a broken license plate, it is a weighty reason for a more thorough check of the car.
Additional silver information plates with a VIN number and technical information can be pasted on the right in the engine compartment or on the right middle pillar of the body. Also, the VIN of modern Audi models is recorded in the memory of the on-board multimedia system. After digging into the menu, the VIN code can be displayed on the central display.
What is encrypted in Audi's VIN?
Basic information on Audi models can be obtained simply by carefully reading their VIN. For all cars of this brand, the code is not formed arbitrarily, but according to strict rules, where each position of the code is responsible for its own part of the data.
As you can see, most of the symbols in the VIN code give only basic information about the car. A detailed list of equipment and options is "sewn" into the last 6 digits. According to them, the car can be identified in the manufacturer's database, where all the data about the car is already stored. Special services have access to them. However, ordinary owners or buyers can also use them.

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